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"When I recommended that our San Bernardino County Office of Education AVID team select Kalonji Saterfield to be our keynote speaker for our annual AVID Write-Off recognition ceremony, I knew our audience of students, parents and educators would not be disappointed!  Having been an AVID student himself, he epitomizes what can be achieved through grit and individual determination. Kalonji is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that the audience was mesmerized by his presentation.  Besides sharing his heartfelt and interesting personal journey, Kalonji shared the importance of finding “your voice” – both in written and oral communication – a most critical skill for our young people to acquire.  He set a wonderful example for our students as they struggle to discover their core values. He also reinforced to the audience, the importance of continuing their education and emphasized that if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you! What an enormously talented young man! We will definitely invite him back."


Vivian Shaw

RIMS AVID Program Specialist

Former Colton High School AVID Program Coordinator/Teacher


"Kalonji lives his life with enthusiasm and positivity! This is readily apparent in the messages he shares when he speaks and in the passionate way he delivers it.  I have not only personally witnessed his effective techniques through his presentations at our annual Road to Teaching Conference, but have heard from the stories of his students of how much Kalonji has impacted their lives through his teaching. He is an inspiring and highly effective educator!"


Steve Bautista

Counselor/Coordinator -  Center for Teacher Education

Santa Ana College


Professor Kalonji Saterfield is a dynamic, entertaining and invigorating public speaker!  Last semester he conducted a seminar on campus titled "Journey to Empowerment:  Living a Life Worthy of You."  He captivated our diverse audience and all students and staff left feeling empowered and energized.  There is no doubt those who heard his message will draw upon his insightful life lessons for a long time to come.  If you want to strengthen your team, uplift spirits and rejuvenate your outlook…host Professor Saterfield.  You will not be disappointed!


Vera M. Holder

Professor - Department of Communication Studies

Advisor, Communication Studies Club

Advisor, Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society

Santa Ana College


"As the professor of Counseling 101 I am always searching for guest speakers to motivate my students who are first generation low income students. Students in my class face educational and financial challenges as they enter community college. Professor Saterfield was able to connect with students in a personal, professional and genuine way.

His presentation was his story and he told it in such a personal way while tying it to the importance of not giving up on your intended goal in life. He was clear, concise, personable and funny. I loved the fact that he immediately connected with students with his mantra of “good to great”, this resonated with students and he had them immediately in tuned to his presentation.

I hope that I am fortunate to have  Professor Saterfield present in my class again!"


Dr. Nena Baldizon-Rios

Program Director & Counseling Professor - EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs
Santiago Canyon College



"After hearing Kalonji Saterfield speak at an education conference, I just had to invite him to speak at my school. I teach high school seniors that want to become teachers. Kalonji’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and love for the profession of education is infectious. His presentation makes me want to be a better teacher and add fun and excitement to my classroom every day. I have already added two of his suggestions to my repertoire. His methods and presentation confirm that learning can be fun for both the students and the teacher. Thank you Kalonji!"


Nicole Thren
Teacher - Pathways Program
Grossmont High School


"Over the past five years, Mr. Saterfield and I have worked closely as co-coordinators of the OCUF's Career Matching Program (CMP).  I have observed Mr. Saterfield to be very charismatic, approachable, and well-spoken. His excellent communication skills has contributed to the strong public speaking and interview techniques of over 45 of our college Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students. Mr. Saterfield possesses all the qualities that are essential in his role as a co-coordinator of CMP, communication’s professional, motivational speaker, and overall leader."


Terry Pritchett

Secretary/Co-Coordinator - Career Matching Program (CMP)

Orange County Uplift Foundation


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